Reduce the risk of bad debts

Assess the risk of opening new accounts with UK business credit reports
To protect your cash flow you need to trade with customers who will pay you on time; waiting (sometimes in vain) to get paid impacts your own finances, and your overall business operations could suffer. When a cash flow gap develops and isn’t resolved, it can have a major financial impact on a small business, even leading to failure. That’s where our UK Business Credit Reporting service proves invaluable.
Verify the company is genuine and trading
Confirm its financial status and stability
See its credit score and recommended credit limits
Identify its ownership structure
Highlight any County Court Judgments (CCJs), late or missed payments
No contracts and no minimum spend - simply purchase credits as and when you need them
Monitor changes in existing accounts
Financial data changes every day. Business monitoring provides real-time business updates and risk alerts to notify you of changes in your customers’ business activities and financial status, so you can react quickly and make the safest business decisions
Instant access
Once you purchase credits for Business Credit Reporting, you’ll be set up with a login to access your required reports online with the ability to print, email, or save the reports to PDF.




10 credits


25 credits


50 credits




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