Commercial UK debt recovery

Overdue accounts damaging your cash flow? Pre-Audit purge to limit write-off potential? Acquisition ledger clean-up or Due Diligence prior to purchase? Ledger retirement, such as liquidation and business pre-sale? Temporary lack of resource or seasonal pressure on resources? Small account recovery while you focus on key accounts?
We can help.

Whether you have ad hoc or regular debts to place with us, we check your buyer’s solvency and liquidity and plan our recovery tactics. We then add Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act costs and interest to your outstanding sum and contact your debtor. When your debtor pays the principal sum, costs and interest, your customer foots our bill.

Using STA International to recover your UK commercial debts gives you:

Informed collections based on your debtor’s ability to pay
Costs and interest added to your overdue invoices
Free-of-charge recovery when your debtor pays our costs
Collaborative collections to protect your brand and reputation
Rapid recovery with 30 day review if payment remains outstanding
24/7 access to Your Debts Online, where you can see exactly what we are doing
Your collected funds remitted weekly by BACS.
Protecting your reputation and minimising costs
We adopt a collaborative rather than combative recovery approach with prompt actions. We first check your debtor’s financial strength to give our collector an informed negotiation advantage. This advantage quickly deflects from the most prolific non-payment excuse, namely poor cash flow, moving us onto admission of debt and a commitment to pay. We always try to solve any queries or concerns ourselves, reverting to you only when we cannot. Should payment remain outstanding after thirty days, we recommend the next course of action that may include legal action, although this is more the exception than the rule.
Collaborative not combative
Keeping you in the loop
Our online portal, Your Debts Online (YDO), keeps you informed of our efforts on your behalf, lets you instruct and inform us in real-time, and contains your invoices and statements, with your collected funds remitted weekly by BACS.
See our Your Debts Online User Guide for more information


No Collection, No Commission


For multiple debts, and single debts over £50,000, a lower rate of commission applies
We automatically add our commission charge to your debtor’s invoice(s), along with interest. When your debtor pays the costs and interest, we remit it in full and invoice you for our commission, leaving you with your principal sum and the interest. Conversely, if your debtor fails to pay the costs and interest, we invoice you for our commission.

After our commission charges are paid
Member benefits
We are proud to partner a growing number of credit insurance underwriters who have appointed STA to offer their policyholders worldwide debt collection services. Check to see if you’re eligible to our preferential rates of commission.

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