Outsourced Credit Control

Outsourcing your credit control can deliver numerous benefits to your business. We have a solution whether you are an SME or a large company. Our services provide you with year-round credit control, doing it in your name, replacing your human resource shortages, and keeping your cash flow positive.

Tailored to suit every business type

Smaller businesses use our services when they lack the expertise or the resources. At the same time, larger companies typically need tailored services and the management of specific customer portfolios due to staff shortages.
Businesses struggling to recruit credit control staff
Small businesses who do not want the burden of credit management
Companies who want to focus on major accounts in house and outsource smaller ledgers
Seasonal business – when demand is high at certain times of the year
Fast-growing companies that need additional resource
Acquisitive companies – when making acquisitions, they need to ensure credit control follow their rules
Companies with a high volume of small accounts – more cost-effective to outsource
Companies with annual contracts and subscriptions
Companies who want to outsource specific parts of the credit management function

Grow your business and focus on your core activity Reduce your DSO and increase your cash flow Forecast and budget with confidence Reduce resource management concerns Save on borrowing costs Enhance customer service and retention

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From onboarding to payment

We tailor our services to your business, and they are undisclosed – we act in your name on a confidential basis which can include:
Collection from invoice date – we confirm receipt of large invoices, ensure these invoices are query free and gain their payment method and date. For smaller invoices, we would develop collection strategies in agreement with you
Credit application processing and credit checking against your rules
When opening new accounts, we would ensure your terms of payment is agreed
Setting credit limits and continual monitoring, avoiding bad debts
Invoicing in your name – we ensure your invoices are clear and contain agreed payment terms and any purchase order numbers

What are the benefits of outsourcing your credit control?

1. Improved cash flow: By outsourcing credit control, you can get paid faster and improve your cash flow. This can help you better manage your business finances.
2. Increased time to focus on core activities: Outsourcing your accounts receivable frees up your time to focus on your core business activities and grow your business. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses that may not have the resources to handle credit control in-house.
3. Cost-effective: Outsourcing credit control is often more cost-effective than hiring and maintaining dedicated credit control staff. You can eliminate recruitment, training, and retention costs, and avoid resource challenges like annual leave, sick leave, and parental leave.
4. Scalable resources: With outsourcing, you can scale resources up or down based on sales. This is particularly helpful for seasonal businesses that have fluctuations in their business activities throughout the year.
5. Expert handling: By outsourcing credit control, you can have peace of mind knowing that your receivables management is being handled by experts who have the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job.
6. Preserve customer relationships: Outsourcing credit control can help preserve customer relationships. When credit control is handled professionally and efficiently, it can help maintain good relationships with customers.
7. Reduction in the need for additional funding: Outsourced credit control can help reduce the need for additional funding, which saves money on borrowing fees.
8. Access to advice and guidance: When you outsource credit control, you can have access to advice and guidance in the event of an overdue invoice. This can help you better manage your credit control and avoid potential issues.

Outsourced credit control pricing

Our outsourced credit control services operate on a fixed monthly fee – with no hidden extras.

Whether you need us for a short-term project to clean up your ledger for year end or following an acquisition, medium-term cover for staff absences, or a longer-term outsourcing project to fill the gaps caused by difficulties recruiting and retaining staff, we can help to improve your cash flow.

Complete our simple calculator to get an estimate of our monthly costs.

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Credit Control

If you are a £5m SME reducing your days’ sales outstanding by five days returns £68,000 to cashflow, and if you are a £30m company, this would be £411,000.

Frequently asked questions

DSO stands for Days Sales Outstanding and is the industry standard for measuring the average number of days it takes a company to collect payment after a sale

No. We collaborate with companies of all sizes in many different industries to improve their cash flow and reduce DSO

All payments are direct to your bank account, not ours

No. All of our communication with your customers will be in your name, providing consistency and transparency

Our customer-focused approach will help to improve relationships with your customers, rather than negatively affecting them. Over time, we help to educate your customers to pay faster

Your Receivables Online keeps you to date with all of our credit control activities, and report monthly on KPIs

We price outsourced credit control service according to the number of customers and invoices you have in an average month, use the calculator above for an estimate on how much it will cost.

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