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Cash Flow Management Guide

Cash Flow Management Guide

Poor cash flow management can be fatal for businesses whatever their size, but particularly when they are small and just starting out. It is vital to be able to see where incomes are likely to slow and outgoings increase because this means that these cash shortfalls can be planned for and solutions found. This will ensure that the business can keep its momentum, riding out the lean periods without succumbing to them.

This guide to cash flow management for small businesses explores the different aspects that come under the cash flow management banner, explaining what they are, how they affect the big picture and how they will impact your business if they are not properly managed.

Inside the guide you will be able to read about:

•  What is cash flow management and why does it matter?
•  Inflows and outflows – what are they?
•  Common cash flow killers?
•  What is cash flow forecasting
•  Golden rules for cash flow forecasting
•  Step-by-step guide to getting paid
•  Late payment legislation and how it can benefit you