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Benefits for AIG Policyholders

As an AIG policyholder, you qualify for discounted rates of commission when you use our commercial collections for your UK and International debts. In addition, when you do place an account for collection with us, you will benefit from AIG Trade Credit reducing the protracted default period to 90 days.

You can place debts online via Your Debts Online where you’ll also have access to our progress on each debt; our costs and charges by debt, your invoices and statements and our overall collection success rate. If you already have access to Your Debts Online, or want to register, you can do so here.

Age and location of debt determine the commission rate: Younger or older than 76 days past due; in UK/ Ireland; Western Europe and Rest of the World.

83% of all International collections come from STAs efforts in the UK, saving you valuable time, and the additional costs of overseas agents.

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AIG offers solutions that help businesses take control of their valuable accounts receivables book and trade with the certainty that failure by a large customer will not mean disaster for them. Their solutions include policies that insure all or part of the receivables book. Learn more about credit insurance with AIG.