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As a direct result of a topic raised at a discussion forum, we now provide university training, either on-campus or in neutral venues. Jacqueline McConnell, compliance and training manager in our Glasgow office, leads the seminars covering understanding your customer, treating students fairly, vulnerability, telephone and interview techniques, handling difficult situations, and wellbeing. Seminar content is flexible to meet the changing landscape of the university and its challenges.

Since pandemic lockdowns and their interruption to everyday lifestyles, the number of vulnerable students has grown significantly, increasing requests from university clients for training on this critical change. Recent seminars have covered vulnerability exclusively, looking at its definition, signs, types, what vulnerable students do and do not want, recording special category data, TEXAS modelling, signposting, case handling examples and championing vulnerability.

Seminars are virtual and face-to-face, individual or combined universities, and run for half or a whole day, depending on the subjects covered.

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There were some good points addressed with GDPR which I will now be incorporating into my day to day work.

Midlands England University

This should be a mandatory training for all HEPs who deal directly with Students. Thank you

North West England University

Clear presentation slides summarising the information, opportunity to break out and discuss topics with colleagues from other Universities. The use of the phone call example was also very helpful.

South East England University

The breakout rooms were a great way to discuss thoughts with other Universities and share things we do well, as well as things that could be improved. The session was a great insight into the GDPR side of things as well. Jacqueline was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all the questions that came up.

North West England University

Very informative, well presented and the break out rooms were a good addition

North East England University

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